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Meet Colleen

Registered Clinical Counsellor & Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher
Serving in the Sea to Sky Corridor, British Columbia

Welcome! I’m Colleen Felgate, a registered clinical counsellor who offers empathic, validating, and supportive guidance. I help individuals and couples navigate their struggle. In general, my area of practice includes depression, anxiety, grief and loss, life transitions, relationship concerns, self-esteem, women's issues, communication difficulties, eating disorders, chronic pain, and trauma.

My passion is to help all individuals heal from previous injuries, teach adaptive coping strategies and to create a greater understanding of what patterns are causing them to struggle in their life


My mission is to help people find confidence in themselves and freedom from their struggles.

I believe that together, we can transform the challenges you face into strengthening experiences.

It is vitally important to me that my clients feel safe and secure in a non-judgmental environment. Creating a comfortable and supportive space is essential for the healing and resolving of past and present wounds so that the client can attain peace in their lives and relationships.

Ultimately, it is my goal to help the client improve their connection to themselves and to others so that they can restore balance and find fulfillment.

I believe that the day we think we have no choice is the day we run out of imagination. It is resilience and adaptability that helps us overcome demanding challenges gracefully. Knowing that change is the only constant in life, we all need to develop the skills to successfully navigate each moment. It is possible to build resilience and develop the capacity to move through painful experiences with integrity.

Ultimately, you can choose how you want to respond to a situation because you can learn to control your reactions and behaviour. When you broaden your concept of choice, the healing begins.

Healing allows us to develop the ability to deal with difficulties faster, resolve trauma, and regulate the nervous system. Healing allows for the mind to shift its focus towards connection, healthy responses, and positive patterns.

I believe that we can all find freedom from the struggle when we uncover and understand the patterns and thoughts which limit our potential. I believe we can all live the life we want and deserve if we are willing to get the support and guidance we need.

I have a collaborative and engaging approach to counseling, which encourages the client to set the direction and goals of therapy. Many clients consider me passionate as I thoroughly enjoy connecting with people and helping them diminish their self-limiting beliefs and replace them with more positive and accurate truths.

The connection I establish with my clients is built on being authentic, honest, validating, and supportive. I live life knowing I am responsible for the energy I bring into each space. Therefore, I am mindful of how my actions and words affect others. My clients know that I am their ally. It is important to me to be inclusive, compassionate, and adaptive while I help others face their challenges. I encourage self-forgiveness, self-compassion, and kindness towards yourself.

As a yoga instructor for almost 20 years, I have never felt the need to specialize because I have been able to confidently blend various styles to make my own and this is the direction I also take as a counsellor. I have a person-centered therapeutic style which includes, but is not limited to, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution-Focused, Narrative, and an array of Trauma-informed modalities. I find that Attachment-Theory and Family Systems-based approaches have an extremely positive impact on my work with individuals, couples, and families.

To expand my toolbox, I am currently training in Somatic Experiencing techniques to help clients who prefer more of a 'bottom-up' approach, which attends more to what we sense in the body versus trying to understand our thoughts and memories.

When appropriate, I also incorporate some yoga into my therapeutic style by teaching mindfulness skills, breathwork, and meditation techniques—all excellent anxiety-reducing tools. It is my hope and intention to offer education, support, and guidance to whoever is able to seek it. In an effort to offer more to my clients, I am always studying and seeking out new ways in which to assist and support an individual’s path toward healing.

Master of Counselling, City University in Canada
Bachelor of Arts, Wilfrid Laurier University

Yoga Teacher Training (1500 hrs), Yoga Arts in Byron Bay
Yoga for Trauma, Langara College

Coaching Certificate, Pain BC

Past and present positions have also given me the opportunity to work in diverse clinical settings including private practice, Chopra Addiction & Wellness Centre, Canadian Mental Health Association, Pain BC and Whistler Community Services.

British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors
Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

Yoga Alliance

I have been a yoga and pilates instructor for almost 20 years. Prior to completing my Masters in Counseling, I was the owner/operator of a yoga studio in Whistler. I successfully ran that business until I badly injured my back and was no longer able to continue working in the capacity that was necessary. I had taught many yoga programs which aimed to help students uncover their truth and access the many possibilities available to us all when we are no longer trying to be something other than who we inherently are. The joy I had running these programs motivated me to seek out counseling as my next chapter.

Due to my many life experiences, I chose to focus my studies on the issues of chronic pain, trauma, and maladaptive developmental patterns. Any kind of pain can profoundly impact our identity and how we function in the world. The ability to accept change and access your ability to choose can positively alter your perspective and drastically improve your life. Ease and contentment are possible.

If you are interested in discovering how we can work together. It is possible that together we can achieve the happier life you seek.


Contact me for a no-charge, 20-minute phone consultation.
You are invited to tell me your struggles, and I’ll let you know how I can help.